Light blue mount


Baby blue mount which is 1.5 mm thick - without much structure in the cardboard. A lovely blue mount, which works particularly well with one of our oak frames or blue wooden frames.

Our precision-cut mount will fit perfectly to the size of your image. With acid-free cardboard, you can frame even valuable art with mount.

Maß is cut at a 45 degree angle, which means that no shadow is cast on the image. The angle reveals the white cardboard behind the light blue surface, thus providing a nice white line between the poster and the light blue mat.

Mount is also called Mat or Passepartout.

Choose precise measurements

For Outer dimensions, you must specify the dimensions of the frame, the glass and the picture. The dimensions of the frame are always the same as the dimensions of the glass, i.e. without the width of the frame strip itself.

At Inner dimensions, you must define the exact cutout that you want. It is best if you subtract 1 cm from both the height and the width of your poster, so that you get 0.5 cm to put the image behind the mount. It is recommended that you fix the picture with a few pieces of tape, which is not too sticky, so that the picture is not damaged. If you want to frame a 23x35 poster, you must therefore choose 22x34 as the inner dimension.

If you purchase a mount with a standard frame, we automatically deduct 1 cm. When you order mount to measure or frames to measure , you must choose exactly the measurements you want for the cutting of your mount.

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