Pink matte wooden frame - Narrow (15 mm) - 50×50 cm


50x50 pink picture frame with matte and smooth surface. The wooden frame is 15 mm wide and deep.

Think twice about which glass you want for the frame. Should it be the durable acrylic glass (plexiglass)? The non-reflective glass that means you never see a reflection in the glass? Or maybe just the normal glass, which is the clearest. The exclusive museum glass is actually just as clear as normal glass, which also protects optimally against UV rays.

We can mount all our 50x50 frames to fit posters with the sizes 40x40 cm, 30x30 cm or 20x20 cm - in a very classy way. We always make the cutout 1 cm smaller in height and width than the dimensions of the picture, so you get 0.5 cm on each side to put the poster on the back of the mount.

Do you want a mounted frame for your 50x50 cm poster? Then you should look at our 70x70 frames or 60x60 frames instead. They can all be purchased with mount for 50x50 cm posters.

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