Solid oak frame - Narrow (12 mm) - 50×50 cm


Elegant 50x50 oak frame with a 12 mm wide frame which is 18 mm deep. You can also buy a 50x50 oak frame which is 20 mm wide and 20 mm deep here . Our oak frames are a little more expensive than the other kinds of frames, as the frames are in solid oak throughout. This material is significantly more expensive, but of course we also save the processing and painting that is used on the other frames.

We are happy to offer four types of glass for your oak frame: Normal glass, acrylic glass (also called plexiglass, the most durable), non-reflective glass or museum glass. If you need to frame a poster that you would like to preserve for a long time, we recommend exclusive museum glass, which protects optimally against UV rays. This is especially relevant if the frame has received sunlight during the day.

The mount is a cardboard frame that brings the poster into focus and ensures that no shadow is cast on the poster. Here in the webshop, we only offer white mounts, which fit 40x40, 30x30 or 20x20 images.

If you have a 50x50 cm poster that you would like in a frame with a mount, then you need to buy a 70x70 frame or 60x60 frame. Both formats can be purchased with a mount for posters with the size 50x50.

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