Orange glossy wooden frame - Narrow (15 mm) - 50x60 cm


Exciting orange 50x60 picture frame with rounded corners, which makes it appear narrower than the 14 mm. Smooth and matte orange lacquer, which has a delicious warm shade. We also sell a lighter orange frame, which has a matte finish and without the rounded corners.

We offer four very different types of quality glass for all the frames. The normal glass and museum glass (optimal protection against UV rays) have the clearest glass. Plexiglas is best for children's rooms or large frames. Our anti-reflective is real glass, but with an anti-reflective coating that removes almost all glare.

White mount is a nice contrast to this warm orange color. Our 50x60 frames can all be mounted to fit 40x50 cm or 30x40 cm posters. We subtract 1 cm from the width and height, so you have 0.5 cm to attach the poster to the back of the mount.

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