Black wooden frame - 100x140 cm


Black 100x140 frame with a matt black lacquer, which has a completely smooth surface without the structure of the wood. We prefer this black picture frame ourselves, but you can also buy the frame by writing in the comments to your order that you want a black lacquer that does not completely cover the structure of the wood. 100x140 cm is the largest frame format that we sell.

Sustainable wood
All our wooden frames are made from FSC certified wood from sustainable forests. However, our frame manufacturer is not yet FSC certified, and until that happens, we cannot boast of being an FSC certified picture frame dealer. The wooden frame we use for the black 100x140 frames is 2 cm wide and 3 cm deep, which gives the perfect balance between expression and stability.

At PlakatKunst we recommend that you buy a 100x140 frame with Plexiglas, since real glass (incl. non-reflective glass and museum glass) is much more vulnerable during both transport and hanging. The plexiglass that we sell looks almost like real glass when the foil is removed and the frame hangs with a poster on the wall. It takes a keen eye to see the difference.

Mount is a piece of white cardboard of excellent quality, which we have cut at an angle that does not cast a shadow on the poster or picture. For our black 100x140 poster frames, you can purchase a mount that fits posters with the sizes A0 (84.1x118.9 cm) or 70x100 cm. If you want a mount with a different size, cut or color, just contact us.

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