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The East Asiatic Company - Kronborg Castle, Øresund

Designer: Hertz
Decade: 1920s
Year: Unknown
Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm
Country: Denmark, UK
Published by: The East Asiatic Company
Printed by: Hertz Copenhagen
Condition: 10/10
It can of course be seen that this poster was not printed yesterday, but there is not a finger to put on the stand of the poster.

We do not know the year when this poster was published, but the poster shows a beautiful ship in the Sound, which looks like an EAC (East Asian Company) ship from the 1920s. In the background is the famous Kronborg Castle with the Danish flag. Kronborg is one of Northern Europe's most beautiful Renaissance castles and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is world famous as the Castle of Hamlet and Shakespeare.

Aktieselskabet Det Østasiatiske Kompagni, ØK in everyday speech was a trading company founded by HN Andersen in 1897. In 1970, the company was Scandinavia's largest company in terms of turnover, and when the company was at its peak in the 1970s, it had more than 40,000 employees. Unfortunately, the oil crises of the 1970s hit EAC hard. In 1981, the company had a debt of several billion which resulted in a series of divestments. In 1993, EAC sold all shipping activities to Maersk. In 2014, there was only one international moving business left - Santa Fe Relocation, Santa Fe Group from 2015.

This is an original vintage poster. It is not a reproduction. At the time of writing you will not find this old original for sale elsewhere on the internet.

The frame is not included in the price. We recommend that you buy a frame with special dimensions and museum glass that optimally protects against UV radiation, thus preserving the poster's sharp colors and value.