White wooden frame - Wide (20 mm) - Custom Size

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If you need a white picture frame, you'll love this white frame. The wooden frame is lacquered in a beautiful white colour and has a completely smooth surface where the structure of the wood is not visible. If you want a white frame where the texture of the wood can be seen, just ask.

You can choose from four different types of glass: Plexiglas (most durable), Real Glass, Non-Reflective Glass and Museum Glass. If you need to use the frame for a poster that you have bought on PlakatKunst, we definitely recommend museum glass, as it provides optimal protection against UV rays, and thus preserves the poster's condition and value as best as possible.

Consider whether you want a mounted frame (also called mat/passepartout). Some posters are nicely framed with a mount. We generally only offer white mounts, but if you have other wishes, you are welcome to contact us. Then we can probably find a solution.

Special sizes are more expensive than standard sizes
All our picture frames are produced only after we have received an order, but custom frames are more expensive than standard frames. However, this special size product does not take into account that some frames are standard sizes. For example, if you buy a B2 frame (50x70 cm) here, it will be more expensive than if you find it under our 50x70 frames. Therefore, make sure that the measurements you want are not already part of our standard range.


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