White wooden frame - Narrow (15 mm) - Custom Size

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Custom-made white wooden frame with a nice, matt white varnish, which completely covers the structure of the wood. This white wooden frame is offered as 20x30 mm, 10x10 mm and thus the popular 15x15 mm, which you can order here up to 60x82 cm. If you want a larger format, order the wide white frame.

All our wooden frames can be purchased with four types: Acrylic glass (plexiglass), normal glass, non-reflective glass or the exclusive museum glass, which provides optimal protection against UV rays, thus preserving the poster's condition and value as best as possible. Please note that plexiglass is the cheapest for frames with special dimensions, and always comes with foil on both sides, which must be removed before you frame the poster. When the foil is removed, the acrylic glass appears almost as clear as normal glass and museum glass. It is much lighter and cannot break.

Consider whether you want your frame mounted. For all our custom frames, we offer mounts in seven different colors, with the exact cutout you need. The outer dimensions must be the same as the dimensions of the frame/glass, and the inner dimensions should be 1 cm less in height and width than your poster, so that you have half a centimeter all around to mount the poster on the back of the mount with tape, for example. The internal dimensions must therefore be 46x89 cm for a 47x90 cm poster.


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