Direct service to Canada - White Star Dominion

Designer: CV Testi
Decade: 1920s
Year: Unknown
Dimensions: 42 x 63.5 cm
Published by: White Star Dominion Line
Country: Canada
Condition: 8/10
Beautiful, small poster with white text on a red background with the two flags from White Star Line and Dominion Line at the top. The Dominion Line was a transatlantic shipping company founded in 1870. The company operated under the name White Star-Dominion Line from 1908 and was renamed the White Star Line Canadian Service in 1926 to service passenger cruise routes from the United Kingdom to Canada.

Condition: 8/10 - A lot of folds that you do not want to see in a frame.

Frame is not included. See our large selection of exclusive frames that can be made precisely to the poster.

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