The Peak District for Picture Makers

Designer: CE Turner
Decade: The 1920s
Year: Unknown
Dimensions: 63.5x101 cm
Country: England
Published by: Midland Railway Coy., Derby
Lithographically printed at: Hudson & Kern
Condition: 9/10

Rare and very beautiful 1920s poster designed by Charles Edward Turner (1893-1965) for the Midland Railway Coy., Derby. An original vintage poster made with impressive lithographic craftsmanship by Hudson & Keans. The poster shows a woman with an old-fashioned camera, two children with a picnic basket and the beautiful nature in the background, with majestic mountains and a blue sky.


9/10 - Three folds and a little patina. In addition, the poster is in perfect condition. We have seen two other copies of this beautiful lithograph over the years, but never in nearly as good condition, and it has been many years since they were last for sale.


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