Visit the Sudan

Designer: Unknown
Decade: The 1930s
Year: Unknown
Dimensions: 63 x 98 cm
Lithographically printed by: McCorquodale and Co. Ltd., London
Country: Sudan
Condition: 6/10

Original vintage travel poster from the 1930s showing two Sudanese warriors against a yellow background. This rare poster is part of a collection created to promote travel to Britain's (now former) colonial territory of Sudan.


6/10 - The poster has many scratches in the image, cracks and a whole lot of patina. But still a really nice poster, where the significant wear simply testifies to the poster's authenticity. The poster is perhaps closer to 5/10, but nothing is missing from the poster.


If you want to frame the poster, you must purchase one of our custom-size rames with the poster's 63x98 cm. You can also consider a larger frame, for example an A0 frame, and place the poster on top of a nice piece of insert paper, so that the poster's edge cracks and authenticity are brought into focus.

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