Germany 1928

Designer: Richard Friese
Decade: The 1920s
Year: 1928
Dimensions: 50 x 74 cm
Country: Germany
Lithographically printed by: Otto Elsner, Berlin
Condition: 10/10

Really nice German travel poster from 1928 by the German painter Richard Friese (1864 - 1918), who specialized in animal and landscape paintings. At the bottom of the poster you can see the text:

Augkünfte u. Werbeschriften durch die Hauptauskunftstelle der Reichszentrale für Deutsche Verkehrwerbung Berlin Potsd. Banhof. Deutsches Verkehrsbüro und Durch alle Reise- und Verkehrsbüro des In- und Auslandes.


The poster is lithographically printed by Otto Elsner in Berlin.

We have seen a copy of this poster before, but without the same turquoise color to the text at the bottom of the poster. A detail that helps make this beautiful poster exceptional.


10/10 - An almost 100 year old lithograph like this naturally has a little patina, but the poster is in perfect condition with great colors and no damage.


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