Ivost fair

Designer: Unknown
Decade: The 1920s
Year: 1924
Dimensions: 48 x 31.5 cm
Country: Germany, Poland
Condition: 10/10

Colorful vintage poster from 1924. The poster promotes a fair in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, which in 1924 was part of Poland and which in German was called Lemberg. The poster has the text: Erste Ausstellung des Komites für Landwirtschaftliche Ausstellungen. Rohstoff fair. Lemberg-Polen vom 5-15 September 1924 , which is German and means: First exhibition of the Committee for Agricultural Exhibitions. Commodity fair. Lviv-Poland 5 - 15 September 1924.

The poster shows i.a. flags of the USA, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Romania, the Soviet Union and France. There are two Danish flags pasted lightly on top of the poster down in both corners.


10/10 - Naturally a little patina but perfect condition.


If you want a frame that fits the poster's 48 x 31.5 cm perfectly, you must buy one of our custom size frames. However, we always send lithographs and frames separately so that we do not risk damaging the poster if the glass breaks. We always recommend buying a frame with museum glass for lithographs so that you take good care of this fine piece of poster art.

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