Baloeran - Rotterdam Lloyd | Royal Mail Line

Designer: Johan Stein
Decade: 1930s
Year: 1931
Dimensions: 63.5 x 101.3 cm
Country: Netherlands
Printed by: Down. Rotogravure Leiden Holland
Condition: 9/10
✓   Original - ikke genoptryk!
✓   Levering om 2-4 hverdage
✓   100 dages returret
Stylish, sought-after and rare Dutch ship poster by Johan Anton Willebrord von Stein (1896-1965) from the Dutch shipping company Rotterdam Lloyd. The ship on the poster is the Baloeran, which was built in 1930. In 1940 it was captured by Germans in Rotterdam, and converted into a hospital ship with which it was renamed Strasbourg. In 1943, the ship was destroyed by British torpedo boats.

The poster promoted cruises to the Mediterranean, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Straits Settlements (today Malaysia and Singapore), the Dutch East Indies (today Indonesia), Australia, China and Japan.

We have seen the poster before in different languages and variations, but this English version is apparently the most valuable. In addition, the poster is in perfect condition, except for a few scratches on the surface.

In 2009, a poorer Dutch version was sold for € 9000 at Invaluable.

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