Canada - The Land of Opportunity - White Star

Designer: Unknown
Decade: 1920s
Year: 1924
Dimensions: 63 x 101 cm
Country: Canada
Published by: White Star
Printed by: David Allen & Son Ltd.
Condition: 8/10
✓ Original - not a reprint!
✓ Delivery in 2-4 working days
✓ 30 day right of return
This rare original poster appears in really nice condition, except for some distinctive folds especially at the bottom of the poster, as can be seen in the picture. However, a good frame should help smooth out these folds.

The value of the poster is increased by being a ship poster from the famous White Star shipping company, which i.a. had the Titanic. The poster here was used to promote the opportunities in Canada for the British people. Lots of cereal and happy kids.

The poster has previously been sold for less, but not in as good condition as this one. In addition, these posters tend to increase in value over time if stored properly. You can do this, for example, by having it in a good frame with museum glass, which protects against UV rays.

Frame is not included in the price.

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