Fight or Buy Bonds - World War I.

Designer: Howard Chandler Christy
Decade: 1910s
Year: 1917
Dimensions: 51 x 76 cm
Country: USA
Published by: Third Liberty Loan
Printed by: Forbes Boston
Condition: 8/10
✓ Original - not a reprint!
✓ Delivery in 2-4 working days
✓ 30 day right of return
This beautiful World War I poster is a fine example of the work of Howard Chandler Christy, one of the leading illustrators of wartime posters in the United States. This poster shows a "Christy Girl" waving an American flag with a background of storming troops. The poster was published by Third Liberty Loan, which was the largest fundraising effort in American history.

The value of the poster reflects that it is not the rarest poster, but it is very difficult to trace the poster here in such excellent condition as this poster is. It is of course clear that the poster is more than 100 years old, but unlike the copies you can buy elsewhere on the internet, the poster here is not definite damage. It should just be a little discoloration down in the left corner, but the poster is really in great condition and very close to being a 9/10.

Frame is not included in the price.

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