GNR Hotel - Rostrevor

Designer: Unknown
Decade: 1920s
Year: Unknown
Dimensions: 62 x 102 cm
Country: Northern Ireland
Published by: Great Northern Railway
Printed by: SC Allen & Company
Condition: 8/10
100 year old vintage poster from Rostrevor which is a village in County Down, Northern Ireland. Large poster published by the Great Northern Railway to promote travel to Rostrevor with a beautiful view of the village at the foot of the mountain by the sea with people on the coast and sailing both at sea. The hotel was really fine for its time and place, but unfortunately does not exist anymore.

There is some wear and tear in the top and bottom, and a stain in the right corner. This can be repaired, and otherwise it is not wear and tear that one will really notice when the poster comes in a frame.

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