SS Washington - United States Lines

Designer: Worden Wood
Decade: 1930s
Year: 1933
Dimensions: 76 x 63 cm
Published by: United States Lines
Lithographically printed by: Franke & Scheibe, Hamburg
Country: USA
Condition: 10/10
✓   Original - ikke genoptryk!
✓   Levering om 2-4 hverdage
✓   100 dages returret

Beautiful advertising print from 1933 by United States Lines, made after a painting by Worden Wood (1880 - 1943). The poster shows the ship SS Washington, which was a sister ship to the SS Manhattan.

The SS Washington was a United States Lines luxury liner that made its maiden voyage on May 10, 1933, the same year this poster was published. On June 6, 1941, the SS Washington was commissioned during World War II as a troop ship under the name USS Mount Vernon. In 1947, one deck was restored to pre-war condition and the ship resumed commercial operation. In 1951, the ship was again used by the US government to transport soldiers. The ship returned to commercial service again in 1953 and was broken up in 1965.


10/10 - Folded with very thick paper, but when the poster comes in a frame it will not be visible at all. Perfect condition.


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