Suomen kansan - The Finnish people

Designer: ZS
Decade: 1920s
Year: 1925
Dimensions: 65 x 91 cm
Lithographically printed by: Tilgmannin Kivipaino Helsinki
Country: Finland
Condition: 8/10
Very rare Finnish lithograph from 1925 with an atypical crop. We have never seen this poster before, nor can we find it anywhere else on the internet. We can see that the poster is signed by an artist with the initials ZS, but even though we have come across this signature before, we do not know what the two letters stand for. The poster promotes an event about Swedish war history, which was presented by Einar W. Juvelius, who was a Finnish historian at the University of Turku.

Condition: 8/10 - Patina but otherwise almost perfect condition.

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