Travel the big ship way - South and East Africa

Designer: Grieg
Decade: 1920s
Year: Unknown
Dimensions: 63 x 102 cm
Lithographically printed in: England
Published by: Union Castle Line
Country: England, South Africa
Condition: 10/10
Impressive ship poster featuring the ship RMMW Capetown Castle from the shipping company Union Castle Line, which promoted voyages from England to Madeira, the Canary Islands, South and East Africa. RMMW Capetown Castle was launched in 1937 and took its first voyage April 29 1938. In 1943, she participated in Operation Bolero, building troops in preparation for D-Day. In January 1947, the ship returned as a commercial ship, after transporting more than 164,000 troops in World War II. In 1967, the ship stopped its glorious career.

We do not know exactly when this poster is from, but we are pretty sure it is from the ship's first year - in the 1930s. Possibly in the early 1940s.

This lithographic masterpiece is very rare. We've never seen this poster before, nor can it be found anywhere else on the internet. In addition, the poster is in perfect condition, which makes it something very special.

Condition: 10/10 - Very little patina, but otherwise perfect.

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