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Lithographs from the 1920s

Nice vintage posters from the 1920s - a special decade in the history of lithography, when the quality of the lithographic lithographs had reached a high level, which was made even better by the fact that the printers carried out their work with artistic love for detail. These posters are original lithographic works from the first edition, of which only a very limited number exist in the world. Most of our lithographs cannot be found anywhere else on the internet at all, and we only have a single copy of each poster.

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Common tribe - Common land Sale price$505.00
Norden via Warnemünde - GjedserNorden via Warnemünde - Gjedser
Germany 1928Germany 1928
Germany 1928 Sale price$2,076.00
The Peak District for Picture MakersThe Peak District for Picture Makers
Farman Air Lines 1926Farman Air Lines 1926
Farman Air Lines 1926 Sale price$2,521.00
Volendam | Rotterdam-New York | Holland-America LineVolendam | Rotterdam-New York | Holland-America Line
SS Columbus - Bremen to New York | Norddeutscher Lloyd BremenSS Columbus - Bremen to New York | Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen
Franzensbad, CzechoslovakiaFranzensbad, Czechoslovakia
Franzensbad, Czechoslovakia Sale price$1,186.00
DDL - The Danish Aviation CompanyDDL - The Danish Aviation Company
Ostend, Belgium - Reine des PlagesOstend, Belgium - Reine des Plages
Europe - America | Cunard LineEurope - America | Cunard Line
Europe - America | Cunard Line Sale price$13,491.00
White Star Dominion Line to CanadaWhite Star Dominion Line to Canada
See Ireland FirstSee Ireland First
See Ireland First Sale price$3,336.00
Ivost fairIvost fair
Ivost fair Sale price$653.00
Cunard Line - KøbenhavnCunard Line - København
Cunard Line - Copenhagen Sale price$5,189.00
Traps Denmark Sale price$2,002.00
Canadian Pacific to Canada & United StatesCanadian Pacific to Canada & United States plakat
Taormina Sale price$4,003.00
Swim! Sale price$2,106.00
SS Belgium | Red Star Line Sale price$4,151.00
Eat more Spanish fruit Sale price$1,631.00
South Africa invites you -The Road to SunlandSouth Africa invites you -The Road to Sunland
Norge SommersesongNorge Sommersesong
Norge Sommersesong Sale price$2,224.00
The Iguazu Falls Sale price$4,226.00
Spring in Switzerland Sale price$5,634.00
Frederik VIII - Scandinavian-American LineFrederik VIII - Scandinavian-American Line
Folkets Almanak 1921Folkets Almanak 1921 plakat
People's Almanac 1921 Sale price$1,127.00
Canadian Pacific Duchess SteamersCanadian Pacific Duchess Steamers
Canada - My Land Sale price$3,262.00
Buxton - A Charming Resort Sale price$6,227.00
A Map of Yorkshire - 1925 Sale price$1,098.00
Vil De Med?Vil De Med? plakat
Want to join? Sale price$1,009.00
Skive og omegnSkive og omegn plakat
Skive and surroundings Sale price$1,705.00
Prag - Eine KunststadtPrag - Eine Kunststadt - plakat i rum
Prague - An art city Sale price$2,817.00
Rejs 3 dage til BudapestRejs 3 dage til Budapest plakat
Come 3 days to Budapest Sale price$1,794.00
De mest underholdende Romaner findes i Gyldendals serierDe mest underholdende Romaner findes i Gyldendals serier for 1 kr
Samsø - Det Nye TuristlandSamsø - Det Nye Turistland - rum